Frame Types for Vu-Tek Anti-Glare Filters

Vu-Tek anti-glare filters are available in the three frames seen below. Vu-Tek has a 16 year reputation for the highest optical quality and the most advanced technical performance in its frame designs. They are widely respected by computer users as well as anti-glare professionals worldwide.

NOTE: Any of our filters can be mounted in any of the frames below.


This frame offers the flexibility, and convenience of a universal frame that is as good-looking as it is simple to install. Two non-skid pads on the mounting arm eliminate the need for Velcro-like fasteners, or any other semi-permanent mounting devices. The mounting arm is also vertically adjustable so that the filter may be raised, or lowered for perfect alignment with the viewing screen. The frame itself is curved to fit the predominant contour on the cabinet face of most monitors. A superior fit is achieved. The Universal Center Mount Frame is available in four sizes to fit monitors from 12" to 21".
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Universal Center Mount Frame for anti-glare filters.


The Medallion Frame is an innovative wrap-around contour design engineered with a unique flexible material on the back of the frame, which conforms to the monitor's shape, sealing out light and dust. By incorporating two non-skid pads into the top of the frame design, we've bypassed the need for Velcro-like fasteners, or messy adhesives to mount this frame to the monitor. Once the frame is placed on the monitor, the non- skid pads hold it firmly in place, but also allow the frame to be slid on and off quickly and easily. This frame can be ordered in a tan or black color, and is available in four sizes to fit monitors from 14" to 21".
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For use when glare is most severe and/or when a highly reflective black or dark blue background is being used.


A good compromise between glare reduction and image brightness. This filter can be fine-tuned as can be the other filters by adjusting monitor brightness control adjustment.

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